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Get the RUSH at Rushworth

Goulburn Valley Auto Club

The Goulburn Valley Auto Club inc (GVAC) Welcomes Race Fans, to the official site for the Rushworth Speedway Complex.

The Rushworth Speedway Complex  is located on Nine mile road Rushworth, Victoria, Australia, on the edge of the mighty Iron bark forest in a secluded bush surrounding, where the sweet sounds of bush life erupt to the scream of engines as the "Rush" comes to Rushworth.

The GVAC is a totally independant entity, Its a stand alone Club of  Volunteers that owns and promotes the Rushworth Speedway Complex.

The Rushworth Speedway Complex  is a fully sanctioned and registered VSC, ASCF and NASR  race way, and races most classes of Cars ranging from Super Sedans , SDAV Hot Rods all the way down to Juniors classes, and anually holds at least two Victorian Titles.

Please enjoy Your visit here, and We hope You get the "Rush" at Rushworth soon!



27th April 





McKellars Freight Service Feature.





Update after last weekend to our members , after all our efforts after super sedan title being cancelled with organising major track overhaul this week, attending a meeting in Melbourne with SSV committee, coming away with a hope that they will give us a chance to redeem ourselves, which lasted all of 1/2 hour with a phone call saying all over both titles being pulled from Rushworth without a chance to redeem ourselves. This is their response

The President and Committee of Speedway Sedans Victoria would like to thank Phil Lamb for attending the SSV Committee Meeting last night to discuss the cancellation of the SSV Victorian Title for his time given and also for his passionate defence of the Goulburn Valley Auto Club. Phil advised the Committee of several factors which attributed to the unfortunate conditions seen at the GVAC track on Saturday night which led to the SSV Steward cancelling the race meeting. We completely support the Steward, Peter Ahearn’s decision to cancel the race meeting as the safety of the drivers, officials and the crowd should be and is of the utmost importance to Speedway Sedans Victoria.

The Committee had a lengthy discussion and have arrived at a decision based on the facts at hand and what we believe to be the best outcome for SSV, it’s drivers and the spectators, and perhaps ultimately for the GVAC Club.

It is with regret that we inform your Club that we will be reallocating the SSV Super Sedan Title to Premier Speedway to be conducted on 30 March, 2019. We will also be reallocating the SSV Modified Sedan Title to Blue Ribbon Raceway, Horsham on 6 April, 2019.

We hope that your Club realises that we have not arrived at this decision lightly and we had put a huge amount of faith in GVAC by allocating our two premium Victorian Titles in the same season.

Phil Lamb President.


All meetings held at Rushworth are
programmed to start at 4.00pm *** 

*** if there's no unforeseen problems 

Gates open at noon 



 *  receive concession !  *
Club Membership 
Single $80.00
Family $120.00  : 2 Adults,
and 2 Kids under 16








Get Your name



We are creating a wall for any persons to have their name "Etched" in time to help raise money for the Clubrooms at the Rushworth Speedway.

It will look like a brick wall of plaques like this one, and is a great way to display your name for years to come

The cost is $75.00 per "brick" for Personal / Family

and $600.00 per " large brick " for Business and Sponsors


do not miss this opportunity to have your name or the name of past members set in "Time"


contact Peter Welch 0417044760 AH for further details


remember its the Clubs 50th year and what a time to raise the funds for Clubrooms.

more details to come.! ** Please Share *


Please use your name as the reference